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Friday, February 25, 2011

Replacing another Hatch Bezel

Our shipwright apprentices have moved outside of the shelter on Edna E. Lockwood's deck to replace another hatch bezel. See the before and after with work in progress here.
Joe's cutting around the metal driffs in order to remove the rest of the rotten bezel.

Pounding driffs into her new bezel.

Clamping the final piece in preparation of drilling and pounding the driffs to fasten it in place. 
Edna's old verses new foxshole hatch.

Our channel to shed water.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rushton Florida Model Rowboat Battens to Sheer

Battens used to decide on the plank shapes

Garboard and planks 2 &3

View from above planks on molds

That dark mahogany sheer finishes this task
This winter at the Apprentice For A Day (AFAD), we're building a Rushton Florida Model Double-Ended Rowboat.  We've had more than two dozen participants come in to assist and learn the process.  In the top photo, you see the placement of the battens.  This is the artistic part.  It's learning to use your eye to decide just where the planks will lie.  We spent a day make tiny adjustments to their placement until we had fair lines for what will become a beautiful boat.

After three weekends of lining off, cutting, fitting and hammering in clenched nails, we finished the planking.  Having started with a mahogany keel, we used Atlantic white cedar form the garboard to the #7 plank and finished with a mahogany sheer.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Deck Work Completed on Edna

After a cold winter and lots of hard work, the decks of the Edna are complete. Take a look at a few before and after photos. In Summer, 2010, the Boat Yard Staff began restoration work. Three deck beams, the mast partners, hatch trunk, and severalo deck planks were in need of replacement. By February 2011, shipwrights and their apprentices have completed all of the structural work and have begun painting the decks. The new main boom and other spars, hardware, and rigging are due to be installed over the spring.