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Sunday, May 1, 2011

AFAD is very busy at CBMM with boats coming & going & in process

Bob Traynelis works on the decks of the Rushton Florida model row boat in the CBMM paint room while many other things are happening in the small boat shop & its' surrounds

Sam Barnett considers how to re-position the 1924 Keuka Lake trout boat so he might finish painting the new SIS risers on the saw horses.

Mack is concentrating on rolling on the first coat of white while his dad, John, follows to brush it out on their Smith Island Skiff (#2 for the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum)

After the trip on Roo & Peter's Smith Island Skiff, John and Mack are happy to put the first coat onto SIS #2

Doc John & Ethan enjoy the first trip in the Smith Island Skiff which the former helped to build & the later will be able to talk about to his brother, who will be the owner of SIS #3

Mack & John Northrop at the stern while the other father/son team of Peter & Roo Wood enjoy the ride in their boat, Smith Island Skiff #1 for CBMM while Dan Sutherland, apprentice for a day manager sits in the bow to watch their reactions

Sam explains about our active boat building while standing on the lofting table "inside" the cabin that will be added to the second Smith Island Skiff

Rushton Florida Model Rowboat gets outer stems

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