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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Removing Edna's bowsprit

Shipwrights and volunteers removed the bowsprit off the bugeye Edna E. Lockwood. 

Removing the hardware around the bowsprit.

A perspective from the end of the bowsprit, it's a big, heavy piece of wood! The new one is made from Douglas fir.

Tying her up to the fork.

Rich Scofield, once again climbing a spar.

Rich and Mike work to get the bowsprit loose from the deck.

Jen working on the bowsprit from down below.

Trying to use some wedges to knock the bowsprit from its stuck position

Almost ready to pull on her again.

Getting ready to lay her down next to the new one, which will be installed after painting the deck, etc. from where the bowsprit was removed.

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