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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rushton launch at CBMM in St.Michaels

We broke out the bubbly & the sparkling cider to get our Rushton Florida model wet for the first time. Bob Traynelis passes the opened bottle to Mary Sue for their unique toast & Dan enjoys another of many in his career.

Dan Sutherland & Mary Sue enjoy the moment as Rich Scofield & others from the boat shop & CBMM crew wish us well for future explorations

It may have a few more items to finish... Yet why waste a beautiful Friday late afternoon in St. Michaels if you're not going to enjoy the water & a new boat?

For those of you who doubted - she's light & she floats

Minutes before, new AFAD member Bill helps Mary Sue start mounting the oar locks

Bob was busy shaving the points off the screws on the underside of the floor boards

Looks good on the time tested Volvo

We haven't weighed her. Around 100 pounds with oars aboard...

The Woodsaic (c) seats are a tribute to Rushton, the Chesapeake Light House & Skipjacks & the CBMM Boat Shop

A proper send off with those who followed the Rushton on the short trip from the boat shop to the floating docks near the Steamboat building

Excitment builds

Get her wet

Last minute instructions

Bob gets ready to use this pulling boat

Look at that smile

Bob rows as Mary Sue checks out part of the CBMM floating fleet

Nice balance

Dan tries her out solo

Frank takes a turn

That oak stem stands out

Don made her glide on the Miles

Doc John left the dock easily

This Rushton Florida Model looks as pretty as the Rushton 109 launched about a year ago in this same spot

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