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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Keuka Lake Trout Boat ready for rowing at 87 years old

Tip it smooth... serious work to finish the boat.

This 1924 Keuka Lake Trout Boat needs attention even after most ribs were replaced.

Bill came in to clean up her exterior.

Artists enjoy the geometry of wooden boats.

Quite an extreme bend in the original ribs. Most of the northern white cedar lasted. Rusted fasteners meant replacing most ribs. Every plank and the four seats are original.

Take care of your toys. Some new wood on transom where it sat on the ground.

Even the steamed coamings from 1924 stayed in shape. Note one piece sitting in the center of the boat to be re-installed.

Satin Dutch Door Green is as close to the original used in upstate New York as possible.

The hardware looked rusted & had many coats of paint.

The oarlocks cleaned up nicely.

Doc's new wood inserts will help this stay quiet when rowed.

Roll the paint.

Doc & Dan add the last pice of hardware.

A veiw of 3 of the 4 oringal seats.

Ready to go out for trout.


  1. Dan will be gone a year tomorrow- Hope you will honor his memory some how. Signed an old friend in the Finger lakes.

  2. I am compiling information on Trout Boats for a possible book. Any information would be welcomed. Thanks, Bob Hawkes