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Friday, July 29, 2011

Update: Rosie work

With Rosie's keel stabilized, the shipwrights can now move on to her centerboard trunk. Work continues on her deck - pulling off old wood, and salvaging what they can.

Apprentice Jenn Kuhn spreads dolphinite on the final piece of shoe to be installed.

Boat Yard volunteer Kevin helps to clam up the worm shoe in preparation for fastening.

The wormshoe is installed and the keel stabilized.

Without bottom planks, it's pretty easy for the shipwrights to work from the inside out.

Project Manager Marc Barto is cutting out some deck wood on Rosie.

Marc and Cliff remove the deck boards off Rosie by hand, salvaging what they can.

The transom of Rosie Parks. The nameboard will be replicated and replaced. This nameboard will then be returned to our Burgess Collection in the Van Lennep Auditorium of the Steamboat Building.

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