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Sunday, August 21, 2011

AFAD, Rosie Parks, Skipjack Kathryn, Sailing Saturdays at CBMM mixed bag

The boatyard at CBMM was busy in August, as usual. Her are a few of the fabulous people enjoying the Chesapeake Bay at it's best.

Barbara Underwood, daughter of John Carey, a Crisfield Waterman on the left with Gayle Whitelock and Patti Whitelock, the grandaughter and great grand daughter of Welles Evans, an early owner of the Kathryn enjoyed the ride from Deal Island to the CBMM.

Stoney, current owner & captain of the Skipjack Kathryn. She's 110 years old.

Here's the Woods family enjoying the day on the Smith Island Skiff waiting for the start of the log canoe race on the Miles River. The skiff was built here at CBMM.

Jenn & Marc are happy about the visible progress they're making on Rosie Parks.

Frank is making progress on the stem of his 1938 ChrisCraft.

Casey and Bill are having fun planing one of the planks for the 3rd Smith Island Skiff.

Roo & Peter Woods brought their skiff back briefly for a few small additions.

Casey Nelson is taking the Rushton pulling boat out as the NJ Melonseed sails in during August's Sailing Saturday.

Tracey Munson, VP of Communications, is in taking pictures of the 3rd Skiff while one of the Talbot mentor/mentee pairs are at AFAD.

Marty came over from the shop to watch as Doc shows Jermaine Thomas the right angle for the drill. This is another picture of Neil's back. He came over to work since there wasn't enough wind for sailing. Don Schatz, Jermaine's mentor is all the way on the right.

The planking is going along nicely.

Neil is securing one plank while Dan goes to get another.

Ellie and Henry Sweterlitsch play at Rosie's wheel. Orville would have enjoyed watching these 5 and 8 year olds taking turns at being captain & figuring out how the gearing works to move the rudder.

Two more visitors enjoying a visit and looking at the rows of plugs used to cover the screws.

Bill, Doc John & Dan wait as Mary Sue pulls two pieces of Iroko out of the steam box. They were quickly clamped on a jig to give them a curve for use in holding up the canvas cover of the Rushton.


  1. looks like your keeping busy with this project

  2. great to see people pulling together for the love of a project