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Monday, August 8, 2011

Removing Rosie's Wheelhouse & Hatch

This past weekend, the Boat Yard crew installed the first new deck beams, simultaneously removing the hatch opening, followed by the removal of the wheelhouse, also called a doghouse.

The centerboard trunk has been completed and work has begun on the aft deck beams.

First deck beam installed & another removed.

Second installed & another removed. Do you see a pattern here?

Prior to removal of hatch opening and deck beams.

looking forward...

Jenn is shaping the deck beam while the next one is being laminated behind her.

Jenn Kuhn is shaping the joint on the deck beam to accept the carlin.

On Friday volunteers Bob & Mike, helped us raise the cabin.

Cabin or dog house has been raised and is sitting on 4 x 4's.

The shipwrights slid 2" x 8" x 20" pieces of lumber under the dog house in preparation for removal.

Prepping for the first step of sliding the dog house aft.

Clamped and ready to go.

Second step, sliding strapping under the house and chaining it to the fork lift.

We have a safe lift off!

Moving the cabin to its new resting place.


Not bad for a Saturday early morning.

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