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Friday, September 23, 2011

Dang, them are some hot rails!

Ok, here is the rig...boiler with steam bell on it gets water from the blue barrel, fire inside the boiler produces steam  and transfers it to the bell and then on through the hoses to the box. The wood is inside the box, and gets cooked for roughly 1 hour per inch of thickness...

A few other things you need, wood to burn, a big box, a lot of  people to tell you how your doing it wrong, gloves,  patience, lots of tool lay out ahead of time, and I also recommend a bandanna because it looks cool.

Do a dry run before hand so everyone knows where they are going and what they are doing....

Next, try to get them in their correct places to catch the 200 degree piece of white oak. This is the hardest step of the process......I swear.

So the rail comes out of the box and gets fastened at the bow first to anchor the piece for bending.
We have in air impact gun to assist in making this happen quickly....

Then we let the boys at the back know when were made, and they start to bend the rail around the hull...
For the tail end we have an upright nailed on to the poppet that can be used with wedges to hold it tight to the hull.

The A team after getting both rails bent.

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