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Monday, September 19, 2011

New Spray Rails Anyone? (part one)

Delaware, our 1912 tugboat is having a birthday this coming spring. To get ready for the party , we will be doing a fair bit of work. The first order of business is to get her some new spray rails. Origionally they went all the way to the stem.

So, lets get started by figuring from old photos and a batten where the new ones will be located. The orange paint is where the old was removed. 
The planking on Delaware was done very well and the lining off of the planks  make for a handsome hull. To compliment that, the new rails will follow the third strake down from the sheer.

Now we lay out for our landing and fastening schedule. The cut water and inner stem are massive so this will be where we anchor the rail out of the steam box and begin to bend around.
Ok, so the rails are rough milled and a faithful apprentice has put the compound bevel on for the landing to the cutwater. This is almost too easy. (especially when your watching someone else do it)

So lets hold it up on our lines and pre-drill for the lags that will fasten  the rail to the hull. Throw a few temporary fastening in while we do the other side to make sure they match perfectly and were getting there...

The second one tagged at the bow and as soon as we get our handy dandy steamer going we can bend them on with the help of a few friends..... 

Next time we'll see how badly we can yell at each other with really hot pieces of wood in our hands...stay tuned.

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