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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Doc John's Small Boat Apprentice For A Day 26 Nov 2011

Peter Barrette is transforming a pile of small planks into a boat.
CBMM is a place to have fun with boats of all sizes.

A day of really small boat building. Arranged by Dr. John Hawkinson for The Van Dervort and Barrette families at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. What a fun way to enjoy St. Michaels during Thanksgiving weekend. (Wait for an update with another photo or two as they arrive by email.)

J.B. Van Dervort is saving his hearing while his dad,
Judd Van Dervort, Jr. helps with his boat building project.
Andrew Barrette was concentrating as Mary Sue Traynelis,
-CBMM volunteer-, showed him how to use the band saw safely.
John Barrette shows off his finished product.

Mary Grace Van Dervort uses the band saw to cut a
bottom plank as Mary Sue acts as the guide or "fence" for her.

Nick displays a hammer & a smile as his brother,
Joe Morrissey, applies his hammer to his boat.

Front: John Barrette, Peter Barrette and J.B. Van Dervort
Middle: Nick Morrissey, Joe Morrissey, Andrew Barrette & Mary Grace Van Dervort
Back: Doc. John Hawkinson - CBMM volunteer who set up & directed this building project- , Bob Barrette, Judd Van Dervort, Jr. & Judd Van Dervort Sr.
The finished small boats await names & berths.


  1. I had such a great time building a boat at the Maritime museum in St Michaels. I recommend this place to anyone who likes boats and building things with hammers and nails. I want to give a special thanks to Doc who helped me put my boat together and taught us how to make them. Thanks again,
    Mary Grace Van Dervort

    1. Hey, Mary Grace! It's one of your classmates...I'll only say that. I just found you on the internet after searching everybody's name on Google. So just saying hellooooooooooo. I don't know, I'm just saying hi!

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