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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sailing Skiff for North Shore Boat Works begun at CBMM

Miss B is the new Apprentice For A Day (AFAD) project. Designed by Robert Baker in Westport, MA in 1963, only 2 of this sailing skiff were built. She is 11' x 4'6" and will carry a Gaff rig.

The lofting was done & molds made in preparation for the build to begin in January at AFAD. You may join in the fun & learning most weekends from now until May 2012. Perhaps you'll be the recipient of a Journeyman's Special gift, allowing you any four days to see different parts of the process. Perhaps you'll buy yourself the gift of just one day or several. In any case, we'd be glad to see you at CBMM's public boat building program. Please check the schedule at for details.

Julie & Sam Barnett flank Dan Sutherland as he & Julie point out the intersections for the batten on the lofting with Casey Nelson.

Julie & Sam secure & check the batten with Dan and Casey to establish a "fair line" for Miss B. This is when the boat takes it's shape.

Dan & Doc John Hawkinson watch & advise as Casey marks what Julie is taking from the plans the Baker Boat Works supplied.

Sam & Casey place another mold on the strong back. This shows the lofting is beginning to be re-created in three dimensions.

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