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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Old deck is back on, new fasteners though....

The new deck beams are now in and secure. Its time to put the old deck back on that we salvaged. 

The old decking bends in very easily with some wedges and clamp after years of "memory" in the wood. The second strake in from the cabin you can see is not yet installed. Normally this is not the order in which I'd lay a sprung deck, but we are going to make a new strake here.
There are three reasons for the change. The first, is the diesel fill  that was in the deck mildly rotted the planking on that strake. The second being that at one point a short section has been put in due some damage or other. The third is that  we thought we could tighten up the deck over the electronics/batteries with a slightly bigger ( read tighter)piece.

The new strake is basically the same as the old: vertical grain beautiful fir.  you can see in the picture that its slightly bigger than the old but your eye will never pick up on tat once painted all the same color. 

Here is a view of the sprung deck  where it meets the king plank. It has been caulked with  cotton and seam compound in a traditional manner. hopefully for years of water-tightness.


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