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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Boatyard updates: Apprentice For a Day Boat, Rosie Parks' new cutwater fit & Installation, and Spring Cleaning

The boatyard continues to carry on, even after the loss of such a wonderful friend. Here's a  few updates from the past two weeks. We've been busy!
The first rib was steamed and put on the AFAD skiff on Sunday, March 18. Shipwright Journeyman Chris Sanders and Apprentice Jenn Kuhn are taking charge of this weekend public boatbuilding program.  

The Museum's buyboat the Mister Jim goes up on the rail in preparation for our busy season.

Shipwright apprentices Jenn and India are doing a little spring cleaning aboard the Museum's pot pie skiff and Old Point.

The port side covering board is up on Rosie (March 9) 
Rosie Parks' deck restoration has begun. First step: creating and shaping a new covering board.
Rosie's new cutwater kerfed to the pattern lines. (and Marc with a chainsaw)

Journeyman Chris Sanders chopping out the kerfed wood.

Chris planing to the pattern lines.

The cutwater is ready for its dry fit.

Like a glove!

India and Chris move it into place.

The cutwater is ready for its final fit and installation.

Rosie's new cutwater is now installed!

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