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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dan's last plank and finishing the Baker North Shore Sailing dinghy and the Dunston's Smith Island Skiff

Dan Sutherland left the small boat shop on Thursday, 16 February 2012 with the number 6 planks on the Baker North Shore Sailing dinghy. On Friday, the sheer planks were finished, temporarily fitted, refitted and then scarfed.  We left that afternoon with them clamped on the table to set up overnight and fasten on Saturday. That was not to be.

Here are some views of the last planks & the continuation of the build, in Dan's honor. The Dunston's are also excited about their Smith Island Skiff.  It is close to being completed, from the boat builder's viewpoint.  We have felt him looking over our shoulders & providing advice as to how to finish this craft. Dan taught us many things about boat building and life. Now we need to confirm that we have learned & remembered some part of what he could do with muscle memory and his deep knowledge as a Master Boat Builder.

There were labels for each photo. I'll add them next week, since my own operator error did not save them this evening.  Dan would not need labels.

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