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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Small Boat Shop 1 July 2012

James & Conor Ryan came in with a mast full of worm & bee holes & some serious cracks.  They were looking for advice on how to fix it for a new (to them) sailboat. I suggested fixing it with a new piece of wood. Fortunately, our shipwrights concurred. Thus began their project at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum's small boat shop. Two pieces of Douglas fir were joined to make a square. The rest is a family experience on the way to a new mast and memories in the Apprentice For A Day program.

Conor Ryan begins to turn a square into a mast. A square goes from  4 to 8 to 16 to 32 sides to move closer  to round.

Several steps later, Conor is using some power to sand

Conor works to shape the bottom of the mast

Conor & Chris with their hands on the new mast.  Note the old wormy,  bee -bored mast to  the  right. 

Martha & Conor smile after a great day of learning & shaping with Chris.

With only some sealer, it's easy to see how the hardware will  look.  Having the old original mast with the cleats & other hardware still affixed made this a simpler job to build.

Volunteer Casey Nelson is working on oars for the North Shore  Sailing  Dinghy.  You can  barely see the vessel in the paint shed off his left shoulder.

Casey and the oars are showing.  Check out the tree trunk behind him that one day will be a log canoe .
Just another weekend at CBMM's small boat shop.  Join us.


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