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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Caulking Rosie's Deck & Potomac River Dory Update

It's been a hot, hot summer, which has somewhat slowed down activity in the boatyard, although the mild winter we had put us ahead to begin with, so really, we are ahead of schedule on many things. Here are a few updates with our projects:
Progress on Rosie continues with the slow and steady process of caulking her deck. 

Caulking continues, using both cotton and oakum, beginning at the transom and finishing at the bow.

We had a few VIP visitors the other day. With Rosie Parks Project Manager & Master Shipwright Marc Barto -- that's Captain Orville Parks' daughter-in-law Ruth Parks (Orville Jr.'s wife) and daughters/his granddaughters, Janis Beach, Sharon Weber, and Bonnie Ruest. (and yellow lab Rosie)

Orville captained the Rosie Parks for much of his life, and sold the skipjack to the Museum in the 1970s.His brother Bronza Parks meticulously built the skipjack for Orville, with the boat named after their mother. We think Orville would like the way Rosie is looking these days.
Journeyman Shipwright Jenn Kuhn works on the forefoot -- the area of a ships hull where the keel and stem are joined -- of the Potomac River Dory Boat.


  1. Well, good luck on building that boat! I can sense how great it would look like! The summer must’ve been helpful for you to plan and do all the other and necessary stuff for you to build the boat smoothly. I hope everything’s doing better now…

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