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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Docents Paul Carroll and Lloyd Devigne started volunteering as CBMM docents years ago. They conducted the first tours in 2013 for the American Auctioneers & Appraisers and the Auctioneers Association of Maryland. The groups were enjoying a weekend at the St. Michael's Harbor Inn & Spa while exploring St. Michaels. They pick a different venue each year for their meetings. A few have been on the Eastern Shore, but not in St. Michaels. For some the area is all waiting to explore.

We did a fair circuit of the CBMM 18 acre campus, including the boat shop where Jenn Kuhn has volunteers and Apprentice for a Day visitors building a replica of the 1920 Ghost skiff. (See the Star Democrat article dated 27 January 2013). Our visitors didn't start talking fast to sell off CBMM's fabulous artifacts. A few will be auctioning off decoys and guns & other items in the not too distant future. They left with more stories and information about the Chesapeake to add to their repertoire.

Lloyd Devigne (in blue) and Paul Carroll (in green) wait in the  CBMM store for  our visitors. These two docents have given hundreds of tours & adapt their dialog for each group.

Linda & Richard Lowry of Westminster, Maryland have enjoyed many visits to CBMM. This was unique for three reasons. First, the other auctioneers were seeing the Eastern Shore or St. Michaels. Second, Richard fondly remembers sailing in to CBMM before the Hooper Strait Lighthouse was added in 1966. Third and more importantly, they became great grandparents & had to drive back to see their newborn descendent for the first time, arriving back at the Inn in the middle of the night to finish sharing the event with their colleagues. Mia is beautiful and a new joy in their lives.

The docents ask some basic questions to gauge what these particular visitors want to see  and hear about on our 18 acre campus.  There are so many stories to tell in a short time.
The flyway description is a fine way to begin to understand the Chesapeake Bay region.

Punt guns are familiar to some of these visitors.

Hunters really did get into these "coffins" in the sink boxes to go after water fowl.

Oysters are brought up in tongs during this cold season. Getting a few off the dock at Waterman's Wharf is simpler than trying to bring bushels back to the packing house to make a living.

Lynne Zink, President of the Auctioneers of Maryland ( in the black coat) is the international Bid Calling Champion. She's  on  the deck of the 1951 Owens Six-Sleeper Express. Lia Kvatum (in a warm grey jacket) is the 2013 Bid Calling Champion for Maryland.

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