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Monday, July 29, 2013

Preparing for Launch

Our newest shipwright apprentice, Chris Kretch, is busy working on the historic restoration of the skipjack Rosie Parks.

Rosie Parks Project Manager Mark Donohue reports the skipjack Rosie Parks is on schedule for her relaunching at 4pm on Saturday November 2, 2013 at CBMM’s OysterFest. All are invited to come out for this historical and community event.

Various pieces of hardware, rails, plates, irons, and stanchions continue to be primed and painted for installation. CBMM volunteers have installed the stern handrails and are just about to install the forward handrails. Next, they’ll be readying the steering box, gear, and wheel for installation.

CBMM’s shipwrights are in the midst of faring bottom frames, performing dutchman and sweet nail repairs to the garboard rabbet, and shaping the bevel of the chine to ready her bottom for planking. The milling, shaping and hanging of Rosie’s bottom planks will soon be completed.

Once the bottom planking goes up, CBMM’s shipwrights, apprentices, and volunteers will mill, shape and install her sister keelsons. Two keelsons on each side run from near the transom all the way to Rosie’s stem. Once the keelsons are installed, the remainder of Rosie’s bottom planks will be hung.

Rosie’s mast, boom, jib club, and mainmast gaff have been gathered from storage, with shipwrights measuring the lengths of halyards, sheets, and lines in order to replace her running rigging. The condition of her blocks is being assessed for servicing or replacement. All in all, her spars are in fantastic shape and just need some attention to get them ready for stepping and rigging this fall. Videos documenting the restoration progress on Rosie Parks can also be found at

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  1. I didn't realize the relaunch was so soon. It will be great to see another Skipjack Sailing-On Tilghman's we have 2 still in operation. So glad another of this classic Ladies will be back on the water.