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Friday, September 20, 2013

42 days until the relaunch of Rosie Parks - The Crew is Working Hard!

With 42 days left until the official relaunch of the Skipjack Rosie Parks, the boatyard crew is working 6-7 days per week. They're almost finished with the bottom.

 Shipwright Jenn Kuhn is helping with the forward work.

Rosie Parks Project Manager Mark Donohue and shipwright Joe Connor work on a pattern from the old planks to get ready to plank the forward bottom of the skipjack.

Shipwright Joe Connor compares the new bow staving to the old on the skipjack ROSIE PARKS. The old stavings are serving as a pattern for the new ones. Give a big thumbs up for all the hard work (six days a week!) going in to getting the ROSIE ready for her big day on November 2!

Even though the crew is working around the clock, we still found time for a staff crab feast. 

Shipwright Chris Kretch found a nice quiet spot for our staff Crab Feast last weekend.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Around the Boatyard at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, September 2013

A brief update of all the projects going on at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum's Working Boatyard, including the historic Skipjack Rosie Parks Restoration, an update on other vessels in the Museum's floating fleet, and some of the Boatyard Programs going on including a stained glass mosaic workshop and the Apprentice For a Day Program (AFAD). Come by and see our working boatyard with real shipwrights seven days a week here in St. Michaels, Maryland. Visit for more information. 
Music: "Hard Worker" by The Avett Brothers