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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On the Rail -- an update on the Floating Fleet at CBMM

Our last post was in October, and we apologize for not posting sooner. With the relaunch and rechristening of the skipjack Rosie Parks and the holidays, it's been very busy around here at CBMM. Lots of people assume the Museum and the Boatyard slow down in the winter, but that couldn't be farther from the truth! The Boatyard is actually BUSIER in the wintertime.

Here's an update on some of our major projects:

Skipjack Rosie Parks

The Rosie Parks  was relaunched at our annual OysterFest celebration on November 2, 2013. With 4,500 people in attendance, the Rosie kissed the water for the second time. Watch a recap of the ceremony:

Tug Delaware
The 1912 tugboat Delaware was hauled in September for her annual maintenance and some additional repairs. Shipwrights and apprentices replaced two garboard planks of Douglas fir and removed the shaft to assess the condition of the shaft alley and deadwood in addition to recaulking and painting. With assistance from Kastel Brothers of St. Michaels, shipwrights updated the shaft coupling and serviced the propeller.

Draketail Martha
The 1934 Bronza Parks-built Hooper Island draketail's (or dovetail) yearly maintenance consisted of fresh pain and the replacement of zincs and cotton caulking. Shipwrights took measurements for the new planks to be milled htis winter and ran her fuel clean for winter storage.

More on the progress of the Rosie's pushboat and the restoration of the Potomac River Dory Boat later this week.

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